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Episode 12 · 4 weeks ago

My Rowlett - Rowlett Library Card Resources Part 1


There are so many resources that you can access with your FREE Rowlett Public Library Card! And getting a Library card is SO easy!

In this episode of My Rowlett, Host Hannah Rabalais sits down with Nancy Chevalier & Colton Lytle to talk about 5 resources you can access with your Rowlett Public Library Card. In addition to the 5 resources mentioned in the episode, Nancy & Colton share how easy it is to get a Rowlett Public Library Card, all of their upcoming events & programming, Library hours and address, and where you can find more info!

Here are the 5 that are mentioned in this episode:


-Wifi Hotspot Checkout:


-Curb Side Check Out: Request materials via the Library Catalog here:

Call 972-412-6161 when you arrive for pick up.

Curbside checkout is available while the library is open.

-Copy, Printing, & Computer Use:

Additional links and helpful information:

Library Card Info:

Library Catalog:

Calendars & Newsletters:

Friends of the Rowlett Public Library:

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Rowlett Public Library Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday 9:30 am - 8:30 pm

Friday - Saturday 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Rowlett Public Library Address:

3900 Main Street Ste 200

Rowlett, TX 75088

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Welcome to the My Ralet podcast. I'm your host, Hannah Rabelais, and today we're chatting with Nancy Colton, who worked at the Ralet Public Library, and we're talking about five things that you can do with your library card. And since I started working here, I have learned so much about the resources that our library offers. And I am not a big reader, to be honest, and so I honestly haven't spent a lot of time at any library, especially ours, to be fairly honest, So I was surprised how much y'all offer Our library offers our citizens beyond checking out books, and so I just want to dive into this conversation and just let the listeners know all the other cool things that you can do beyond checking out books. So we have agreed to talk about five on this episode because there's so much like we would take. So stay tuned because we will be having y'all on more on the podcast, but today we're just gonna tackle five. So before we talk about those five main things, I just want you all to introduce yourselves. You know, I just loved hearing what y'all do at the library. So whoever wants to kick it off, just what you do, what your title is. Who wants to start? I'm gonna I'm gonna just say Nancy, no one's no one's volunteering. No Crule number one, do not volunteer. Well, I'm Nancy Chevalier, and I am our programming supervisor. So basically all of our programs that we do at the library, such as our story times, any of our family activities, our Summer Reading program or Winner Reading program, any of our movie events that we show, any of our discussions that we have, Basically I coordinate all of that along with all of our adult ed stuff that we do, so like E. S L and G E D and computer classes and life skill classes such as resume writing things like that. So I basically heard a lot of cats. And because on top of that, I'm also considered our adult librarian as well, so I do a lot of our fiction ordering for our adult side of things and our nonfiction stuff, and um, if there's anything else that our adults need the library, they come see me. Wow, how do you fit all about in thirty six hours? So there's these things I've learned about cult black holes, and apparently they siphon away time and I'm just on the other side collecting all of it seeing well, thank you for everything you do, Like you're both of y'all, it's thank you before we even kicked us off. So Colton, what about you? What is your role at the library? Basically as much as like Nancy, we'd kind of call that like public services type stuff. I'm in technical services. And this is something that you'll kind of like when you're in a library, you're generally going to run into kind of like three groups of people like public services folks with you know, a lot of the programming, a lot of the stuff like Nancy, Tech services, which is kind of like my group, and then circulation, which is you know, mainly the people out working and checking out books, doing a lot of that. So technical services A lot of how that is is basically where the folks in the dungeon, Okay, house dungeon, same thing. Yeah, but basically we generally work in the back now kind of in my thing, you will see me out front some but um, basically every book, every DVD, every audio book, everything we get passes through a couple of people, and I'm one of those people. So in my role, I'm taking and everything that we get I'm finding its home. It's two things. That's one, getting a record for it in our catalog, making sure that record makes sense, making sure it's accurate so that when somebody's doing a search for something on the computer or in the catalog, or when staff are looking for something, that they can find it. And then part two of that is making sure it has a place to sit on the shelf, which sometimes is really simple. Sometimes it's not because you can also run into things that are like this is a what's that? When we had recently that was like a biography, self help this book, and so the question so the question becomes like where does this actually belong? Three different places, so you have to kind of go through that and figure out both what really is this book and also where are people who are looking for this thing actually going to look for it and then kind of find the shelf place for it. And also heard you're the tech guy. I've seen some people come to you like help me get on my computer. I'm yes, I'm also the tech guy. So that's kind of handling some of the computer support in library. That's also like doing one on ones for people so people can can contact the librarian say hey, i've got this particular computer thing. My computer is not you know, I've got this question, or this thing's not doing right and or I want to learn this, and so some of that will it funneled to to me.

And that's something that somebody can come in and get one on one kind of help with that. It's amazing. I've seen you in action and the amount of patients. I'm sure you have to have so many questions. I mean, it is overwhelming for some the tech side of things, and so and we've all been there, right, Yes, we've all been there, and we all have those moments where it's just well, this morning, why isn't the partner doing what I wanted to know? I was the one doing that this morning. So who do you call it? Ghostbuster? Well? Awesome, Thank you so much for everything you both do, like for our citizens, for our employees. Just I admire all the things you do in a day. I just was so surprised when I learned about all these things, So thank you. I just can't say that enough. I fell in love with the library, And like I said earlier, I'm not a big reader, so for me to say that that's a pretty big tip. But let's dive into the five resources we want to talk about today, and I want to kick it off with my personal favorite, hoop Blah. Right, is that how you say it? Hoop black So can you describe? I think I would butcher it. I use it to listen to audio books. I know that there's more to it than that. That's how I use it. It's not doesn't have every audio book on it, not a lot of popular ones, but I did use it. I had I'm in a course right now and so they actually had the book on there, so I can listen to It's so super helpful. And I think Laura said that hoop blah is really good to save some on some audible credits, So it's like, okay, it's a you know, it's a it's not everything, but it really does have some So what is hoop blah beyond? You can download an audio book to your phone. It's like a digital media repository. So there are audio books. There are also videos on there as well, yep, TV movies. There's a few games for kids as well, so it does have considered like the adult side, and then there's also the children's side, so the kids even get their own audio books as well. Some of them are even video based, so that means they get to kind of see a little action that go with the book. And so with our descript our subscription, which Coulton, you can correct me since you handle that too. Now, with our adults side, we do have a limit of five items per month, and it doesn't matter whether it's audio books or movies or TV shows. Each item chet you get five. And then with our children's side though, if you switch it over to the children's side of the account, those are all unlimited checkouts. A lot of our homeschool groups really because they can use it not only for fun, entertaining reading, but also to supplement the lessons that they are doing with their kids. How much does that cost? That's a culting question because I don't handle that. I mean, for the typical library card user, how much? Yeah, yeah, pretty much. Everything you do at the library is free. So any of our programming that you come to is free. Any of our resources that you use, they're all free. Many people don't realize that one of the few things that is paid, which we will discuss later on our our copying and printing services. But even if you do a one on one with Coulton, who is our computer guru, or if you're doing a one on one with myself where I do more of the life skills. Shall we say we call it adult ing one on one resume stuff, Yeah, resume stuff, getting your I d ME account set up, or working on cvs, filling out job apps, things like that. That's a free service to any person who comes into our library. And then there's also a few government forms and things that we can help you find in print out as well that are also free. So lots for free stuff, lots of lots of frees. Thank you to great point anything else on hoop law that we didn't discuss. If you're a comic book reader, Popla has a really solid comic collection. Is really solid comic collection. Yeah, and I'm kind of like, I'm not a comic comic reader. I'm not like that. Oh man, I gotta get the new thing. But every now and again it's like, oh that's cool. So but there's still it's a good selection that's in there. You're going to find some some nice popular stuff. Also music, you know you're gonna have a new, hot, new release coming out. It's going to be there more than likely. Wow, see I learned something new and everything in there. And that's one of the cool things about Hoopla. It's a little different than some of the other services, and that Hoopla like, you're not gonna wait. It's unlimited copies of everything for everybody. It's not like going it's not like walking into the library where we might have one copy of a for like two copies of a DVD and if and if ten people are wanting that same thing, you're going to be in the middle of that line. With Hoopla, it's going to check out for you. You're there's no waiting period, you're not putting something on hold. It's I would like to borrow this click click exactly.

And so it's a it's a great place to go, especially if it's there because you're not going to wait, if you have a time sensort of need, or it's just like I have to see this movie now, click click. And to reiterate, you need a library card for all these things that we're gonna be talking about today, So you'll need your library card number and pen I believe to even access pople to create that initial account. Gotcha, and I love that Hoopla is not only like a desktop. You can access it on your laptop, you can access on your iPad, but it's also an app. And one thing that I found with the audio book specifically haven't explored the music and the other things, but I was on an airplane and I was able to download the audio book to my actual computer, so I was able to stream it just on airplane mode, which I was like, what am no? Absolutely, so it becomes really convenient because you can take it with you. It's not dependent on well, like airplane thing, it's not dependent on having ay if I connection. So even if you're somewhere with terrible WiFi, but you've got the you've got the insult connection, which is like the one bar that doesn't work. You know that even even if you've got that, you know and it's not really wanting to stream stream, if you've got it downloaded, just pull it up. Bam. Yes, I'm a Hoopla fan. So that's why we could get off with this. And speaking to that, we have several patrons who come in. They don't have WiFi, although we do have an alternative for them, but they'll come in, they'll use the WiFi with their phone. They'll connect to it and then they'll just download all the books that they were wanting to read and all the music they wanted to listen to, and then they're on their way. Wow, it sounds like a good right there. Yeah, it's Hannah. That is a great seguae. So what if I don't have WiFi? What can I do? Well, there's there's a couple of things. One, we do have WiFi in building, but that's not particularly portable. It's really hard to pick up the library building and carry it with you. And we do close go home, go home. We do have mobile hotspots and that's a little you know, they're about this big, yeah, you know, but they can fit in your pocket. They're very straight up fit in your pocket and you know, probably about the size of a wallet or something like that. And and they run a WiFi seconal so you can connect devices. They unlimited you know, data on them, and you check those out from the library. There's kind of a process to do that. What is the process like to check out one? It's pretty straightforward. You need to have a library card. In the case of that, we also would like to see your I D at the same time, just to verify this is you, this is not you know, we want the person who's responsible, you know, for it on their card to be the one checking it out. You have to be an adult to get one as well, So eighteen over, that's okay over and then for that it's it's you know, we've got a little agreement to sign that kind of you acknowledge, yes, I'm checking this item because they are a little higher value, right, but you know, you kind of acknowledge that you acknowledge the policy about you know that they don't renew. You know, you need to bring them back inside. You can't put them in the drop box. So there's a couple of things like that, just acknowledging that they that you understand it. But then you can check it out and you've got you've got a solid good for g WI WiFi connection. There it works. I got one that was T Mobile hot Spot and it's worked. I put it. I had a you know, a car ride and I was working and I was like, wow, this was perfect. It worked great, The battery life is really good. Good service. And so how long can someone have the WiFi hot spot? Like what is the checkout time? It's a three week okay, perfect, I'm not late yet. Was like, return this eventually, three weeks. It's three weeks, just like our books. Okay. Now, it does carry a higher late fine and out, and we've gone up recently on our fine. Yeah, it's a one dollar a day late for those I'm sorry, one cup of cheap coffee. Return it on time, Return it on time. I do have a question, how much does it cost to rent one of his WiFi hotspots? Once again? You know it is? It is again zero dollars, this whole zero dollars. Yes, once again, brought to you by the Reli Public Library Black Friday sale. It is it is. It is free now, just like it is everywhere else. Yes. All we ask is that you return our things on time and in good condition. Yes, in good condition. That is part of the contract. Do you agree that you're not going to drop kick it or you know, let your pets play with it, or you know, let your kids chew on it,...

...anything like that. That's good? And then um, I when I walked in, I was like, oh, I can just get a WiFi hot spot. And I can't remember. I think you checked me or someone at the front desk whoever checked me out was like, actually, let me see if we have one. I was like, Oh, I thought I could just walk in and just get one. They're pretty in demand, pretty in demand. And that's because yeah, I mean I knew that we had one because I had just put one back in the drawer right then, just like, yeah, we got one. But that is something that generally occurs as they're all checked out and people have them on hold. So just like walking and going, oh, it's Friday afternoon, I'd like a hot spot. There's a good chance that you might just need to put your name on hold and we'll let you know when one's available. Gotcha. So how does that process work? So if I needed one, it wasn't there there's a list. I just give you my name and then do you all call to let me know that the WiFi hotspot is available? Or what is that process? Like? Yes, so it one skin like most of our collection, we will look you up in our system and then we place you on hold in our system and then so as soon as one comes available, because there is a little bit of turnaround, once someone returns one, we have to give it to the computer whisperer to make sure it's still in good condition and some behind the scenes things with of course the phone company. But once it becomes available, then it will show up at our queue for holds, and our cirque staff will pull one for you and then put your little name on it and we put it aside for you, and then they'll contact you based upon what you said. Your preference is worse. Some people prefer phone calls, some people it's emails, some people it's text. It's however, you set up your account system for us to contact you, and we'll let you know and you can come on it and we'll grab the one with your name on it. Amazing, And I know y'all just got more wife, you know the hotspots in so there actually is more now, which is there will be there will be okay, yeah, well we will be adding some and that's kind of the process of getting those ready and getting them out kind of the same the back room stuff, the things that, yes, the things that no one sees, what it takes to get something ready to go out on the floor. So that's that they're kind of in that process now, but that is something that we will be adding in the not too distant future amazing, another great resource. So let's move to I think the next one is or well, is there anything else we want to say about WiFi hotspots? They're great, You're great, great, I've used them there there, there's yeah, they're there there. We we we actually use them in library too, because sometimes you'll see us out in an event somewhere if we've got a computer, we've got something going on, chances are we've got one or two of those with us to run our computers off of so we can do stuff. So awesome, We'll check out the free WiFi hotspot with your library card for sure. Okay, So the next one I want to talk about I'm not as familiar with, to be honest, but we briefly talked about it last week. But Libby slash Overdrive. It has two names, so that might be confusing to maybe someone who's on your website, you know, like what is Libby slash overdrive? Why is there two names? Like what is what is this resource? Yeah? Do you want to speak to this one? So overdrive is the name. It's another e book, the audio book, and that started that's been a that's a pretty big staple of library world. That's been around for a long time, you know, several years. That's one of those like if you go to a library, you can almost lay money they're going to have Overdrive. It's not a guarantee. There are other very big e book providers and everything, but that's a very big name in library world. And with with Overdrive, they've kind of where Libby comes from as basically they added a new app, Overdrive as the company and Overdrive as like the like kind of the legacy app if you will, it still exists, but they've created easier to use a lot more streamlined app called Libby. So that's so it's like Libby by Overdrive, gotcha? Okay, So what else can you do with it? How is it similar to Hooplah? What is the main differences? It functions a little bit different. It's a lot more like walking into the library itself. So when you look at like Overdrive, hoop Libby, anything like that compared to Hoople, Like earlier I said, like you can just go borrow something and it's a click. With Libby Overdrive stuff, you might be in a waiting list. It might be like putting a book on hold and then you've got to check out period. Now that the checkout limits are different, and that in that you know you're not you don't have the five a month limitation. It's not the same thing. But with that that is something. If you're looking for something popular, chances are you're going to be in a in a wait list for it. Wow. Okay, and these are digital resources like so you wow. Interesting. This one's also zero dollary. It will not be undersold. So... it. Do a lot of people use lippy slash overdrive do you see? Oh? Yes, it's very growing trend with our older populations because it does have the addedibility of you can make things bigger um. So a lot of them are liking their tablets um for the size change and also traveling when you're traveling to go see the grandkids or the rest of the country. Once again, you can check out your books. You can download them onto your device, so it will talk to Kindle not as nicely as Android, but it will do it. And it will also do your phones, your iPads, any other tablets you have, like your Samsung devices, anything like that. It will download them as well. So you don't have to worry about the internet issue as much. Now the only thing is just because it is, like Colton said, check out after your time limit is up the three weeks rob it does remove it off of the device, So some people forget that where did it go? They committed there like I was reading this, like yeah, you should have read it. You have to share it with other people, and so it's just kind of nice too because as any book, it also has a little bit of functionality, so you can do some of the highlighting. You can do some of them will allow you to read while it highlights, so those with dyslexia or vision issues, it's very handy for that. And also you mentioned like the text size change, you can also do like with a lot of like you know, tablet type stuff, you can also do color alterations. So there there are particular eye conditions where like like a normal book where you've got the lighter background with with the black print, there are eye conditions and stuff where if you invert that and you've got black background with white print, you can read fine. So all those color alterations also fit into that, so you can get something that's a lot easier on your eyes or that you were able to read through that through that means too. Yeah, so cool and it bookmarks where you last read and all those wonderful things. So if you want to bookmark several spaces, so say you're doing research, it'll store all your little book marks for you and you can quickly go back and reference your materials. And then like hoopla, it also does um audiobooks does the books. It does. There is some music, I believe in it. You can catch a little bit of that kind of along the side of the audio books, but that's the bulk of of what edition. You're not going to have the TV and movies. And one thing particular about Overdrive, and this is this is common with some how some libraries use overdrive, and it's how we use overdrive as a lot of libraries will go together on overdrive. Does that mean so there's a terminology and library world called consortium and you can have consortia of different libraries in different ways. It could be a group of libraries who have actually said we're going to pool all of our resources and so we're gonna We're all different libraries. We all have our own policies and procedures. It's not like a system where if you go into one Dallas branch or one Fort Worth branch. It's going to be the same policies and purchrocedures as the others, but they've taken and they've gone, Okay, we're going to be our own libraries. But let's take and pull all of our catalogs so everybody can share the materials. So person at Library A can go, hey, I'd like to read this book. Well, Library A doesn't have it, but maybe this other library does over here, so they can either get it or have it sent there from that other library. And that's just part of the thing. It's no different they're using it, no different than if they were using their own library. That's how a lot of the resources also go. So our overdrive, our libby is part of a consortium with a pretty good number of other libraries kind of in this area. So it's not just our collection, it's what everybody from that is pulling into it. So the collection becomes quite large when you've got sixty or more libraries all putting in, going, let's add these booklets, you know, add these audio books, so it becomes quite large and you get a really good selection out of it. Wow, sharing is really caring, it is. I love I just love library culture. I just love the sharing. I think you told us one story that what in Japan of city of Rolet book ended up in and that it was sent back. We've had book back I've worked at other libraries and people will leave their books on airlines and so the airlines will send us back our books. Also, we've sent books back to other states where they wind up at our book drop and they just kind of library figure it out. Sometimes you get a random box in the mail and it's like, what is what's this? It's just like,...

...sorry, we moved and we forgot we had these checked out. We found him in a box. Sorry about that. Sorry yeah. Or you know Katie Hill Library and you know somewhere in Arizona melts us back out of our books. They're like, get showed up in our book drop. Love. So that's amazing. So I love that you'll come together with other libraries to have a robust system for people to use for free with your library card or free with that library card. That's right, amazing. Is there anything else that we didn't touch on before we move on to the next resource we want to talk about for Libby for Drive, No, not really if you yeah, because once Again, the nice thing too about Libby, and I shouldn't admit it, is that it does let you add other libraries as well, so you don't have to feel like if you add Rollet Public Library, or if you've already been to Garland and you have just recently discovered our wonderful library, you're not locked into just Garland. You can also add our library as well. And it's a it's a really easy process. And in the Living app for that too, because you know, it's not like you're gonna have to sign out of account and signed back in. It's like you have like the library cards that you use, and so you could have multiple library cards and you can swap between those cards and what you have checked out on those cards. So that's kind of a thing that it makes easy for you. I mean, and and and that's probably a really just general good advice if you're too, If you're if you're torn between using the Overdrive app and the Libby app, use the Libby app. Gotcha, I want to use the Libby Use the Libby app. So it's an app that I can get on my phone and also a website that you can act. Okay, so kind of like a website. Yes, it is also a website. Amazing, and don't worry, we will have these links to access all these things in our show notes and it's also on the library website, which we'll get to at the end of this. But don't worry, you will find these links very easily awesome. So I want to talk about curbside checkout. Is that something that you'll implemented during the pandemic. Has that always been an opportunity or and what do people even still use it now? Because I know we're kind of getting back to normal s, but talk about curbs I check out and what that resources. Curbs I really rapped up with COVID. Of course, there was lots of concerns about how the virus spreads, you know, like whether it's on surfaces, not on surfaces, in the air, all those wonderful things, and so we still continue our curb side though. Basically, what you'll do is you'll put your books on reserve through the catalog, and once the list comes up, our wonderful circue staff they will pull all those books for you. They put your name on them, we put them on our whole shelf, and then when you arrive we have our phone number. You just call us, although I think we're pretty much on speed dial for most of our users. And if you're not one of our regular users, we ask you know, like West, the make and model of your car. If you just pull right up to the front, there's a few we already know, and then what we do is we just pull them off the whole shelf and then we check them out to your account, and then we will back them and bring them right out to your car. So there, it's very useful for people, like some of our bigger families will do it. You've already got six kids in the car with you and everybody's not feeling it, so you just call us. We'll grab all of your books, will bring them out to you, and that way you don't have to do the whole wrangling of children. If you're our more senior patrons also use it as well. Just if you're in a rush, you're just making your little stops to do your errands, you know, call us will pull your books and check them out, bring them out to you, no worries. So I read online on Facebook that it costs ten dollars per deliveries that correct for student loans. Well, if we would, if we're gonna lie, if we hit some of like the snow send the fact checking websites, we're going to find that that is in fact fiction and this is also zero dollars once again free money. Yeah, so I guess that. Yeah, if for a tin box, I know Abraham Lincoln told us you couldn't trust everything on it, right, you know, but man, I should have thought of that. So like a tipping option, you know that someone implied five or no, I'm sorry, we are city officials. We cannot take it. It is free everyone, yere, it is free. You do not have to tip us. You know, if you want to give a tip, we appreciate a smile and it thank you. That's that's free to give. So, how so you said to to do curbs I check out, you go to access the library's catalog and kind of slick from there, where do you find the library's catalog? So you can go to our website? Okay, rolla dot com slasher library perfect. Okay, you'll see a link right up top. Okay, yeah, it's right up top, and there's...

...kind of a sidebook side menu bar on the left side. Right up top. Library catalog. You can go in there if you've got an account, that's just a sign in with your card and pen number. So like even like the hotspots we were talking about, that's something you know, if you want something on hold, you can always give us a call and we're happy to look for something and see if you got it put it on hold for you. We're happy to do that. But a lot of people find it easy to just browse put things on hold themselves through the catalog, and that's kind of a simple process. Once you're logged in with your card and your pin number, and you can also manage everything else from there too. You can see what you've got checked out, you can see if you've got things overdue coming up, to see the do dates were new things. All that's also done from there. But it makes it really easy because we do have patrons who constantly have you know, the max number of holds on their account. You know, we've got we've got some really good movie watchers that they will go through and they see new movies coming in hold, and so that's that's kind of a thing. We have a couple of families with children's books that they're looking for the new children's books. Whenever there's a new picture book coming in, they're going through them and you'll end up you can spot them on the shelf. You know there's you know, there'll be ten fifteen things for one person. You can spot the teachers so are coming through. You see a shelf of weather books. It's like Odd's Weather week of school. Second grade is learning about trees now. Yeah. And the nice thing too, is it also will let you know where you are in the queue four holds or popular things, which some people have said they have found that helpful because if they find out, hey, I'm number seven for this book, please understand it's going to be a while before we call you. Right, you've got you pick something. Other people three weeks a piece. Well, and that and that kind of factors in too, because we do a pretty good job of bringing in like things when we know there's a high demand for something. Every now and again, something kind of just slides up beside you and goes, hey, buddy, how you doing, and and and like a degree and a good case a good case in point. Recently with the Jenett mcurdy, I'm glad, you know, I'm glad my mom died. Yeah, you know, that's one of those things that like out of nowhere, everyone saw that book coming, so everybody's having trouble getting at everybody wants to read it. So that's one of those things that you know, you might see, oh I'm number ten on the list for it right now, but that's also going on one of those things that like you're not gonna find it anywhere else, so you know, honestly, the fastest way in that case, it's probably stay number ten, you know, so that you know, but that's one of those things too, so you can kind of see where you are, and you can also see how many copies we have of something too in the catalog. So with with if we've got like five of a book, or two copies of a movie or three copies of a movie, whatever it is, do you be able to see that in the catalog as well. So that kind of lets you do your math on when am I probably going to get this because and and sometimes that's why we tell people don't paint it, because once again, you could be number ten, but if we've got five copies, I mean you'll move through the list fairly. Okay, good, Yeah, And so that is that is kind of that. That's that's a little of the dungeon work there is. It's going, Okay, we're going to have this amount of demand for this item, so we're going to need this many copies. It's a thing we do. Yes. Wow, the more you know Dungeon secrets right here on the Myrally podcast. Okay, curbs, I check out, well, you'll definitely be seeing me pull up in the front, probably get more WiFi, check out some books. Just give us a call, don't honk, don't flash lights, you know, amazing Okay, And the final one I have on our list for this episode. Again, we will have many episodes talking about all the great resources at the library. But for this episode, the last one we're going to touch on is copy printing in computer use. Yes, tell us what that resources? And again before Drew ask it is free, beating him to it's a certain part that's free the way. Okay, thank you for the correction. Yes, So what is free in that list the copy printing and computer use, and then what is not free? Can the pricing structure of those things. Copying and printing fifteen cents of page black and white and the delar page color. And that's that's the that that is it. And then any type of like using our computers. We have computers for public use in the library and that's something that you can come and you can use. That's free. We need and we do have a lot of people that really don't need to print things. But you have a lot to do online anymore, you know, So that's we've got people that come in. They'll do classwork online and they'll just surf. They'll need to do stuff email, some people do business stuff, you know, they need to have a place to just kind of be have an environment that's more conducive to working whatever whatever it is. But the computer uses just included with your card. When you sign up for a card, you'll have an extra thing that says, yes, I'd like to use the computers. And so that's just an extra extra little...

...agreement there on our card application. And then even with the copying and printing, you don't have to be in library to use the computers to copy a print. You don't have to use our system. You can do that remotely from your phone. Wow. We use an app called printer on and many of our people who have gotten savvy to it. So once you download the Apple's on both platforms for Android and Apple, and basically it just shows up as part of how you want to print or share your document. And it's since once you choose the Routlet printer, it will send it. It stores it for twenty four hours if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, maybe not Steve the twelve or twenty four, but basically within a day, so you don't have to like send it and then rush to us. You can send it in the morning and then we can be a part of your route of errands and you can come in and then basically it just asked you for our email you used to identify what is your items? Gotcha, and you'll come to our kiosk and it will release your prints once you pay us the fifteen cents per page, black and white, single sided, single sided, okay, And and kind of also just to throw in a good thing that kind of to be aware of if you're coming by the library to print. We do take car but with printing a lot of times you get a lot of thirty cents prints, a lot of forty prints kind of a thing. And we do not do credit or debit cards four under five dollars, so if you've got a lot of printing and everything, that's a great, great thing to do. But if you're doing this, you know, the smaller dollar prints, it'll it'll be you know, a cash transaction. We do have and you don't have to see us for that. We do have you know, coin machines on the printers and on the copy machine, so that's something you can just go over there and doing. Like with print iron, there are people and we see it, like multiple times a date. They'll walk him, they'll go over here, you'll see the printer, You'll you'll hear it, and they leave. I think my favorite printing story that Nancy shared is the tattoo shop that's in downtown Routlet actually has been a really good source of more patrons for the library. So your neighbors fresh image. I love the stories. Yeah yeah, I mean we get people who regularly use our computers on a fairly regular basis. But one Friday we noticed there was like a steady stream of people coming in and they're like, I need to use your computer. I need to print something out. We're like okay, and generally will ask you do you have a library card with us? And if you do we just let you know, you just have C type in your card number, putting your pen and then if you don't, then we'll sign you up for a membership, right, And so we had several people who are like, oh, no, no, I don't I don't have a membership. How much does it cost him? We tell them it's free, and so they just go ahead, they sign up for a membership, they sit down, they'd send something to the printer, and then they'd leave. And we probably had twenty thirty people within a few hours that did this, and we were like, what in the world's going on? What people printing their own money? What? Which is illegal by the way. So finally we stopped and we asked one person and they were like, oh, so the that tattoo place, they're they're doing their Friday special And we were like huh and they were like, yeah, I don't know if i'd chance to tattoo on Friday, but you know, hey, it's it's cheaper. It's not free, but it's not, but it is cheaper. It is the only right, um, but it rates. So part of that lower expense is that you have come in with your own image, and so people hadn't brought images that they wanted, right, So apparently are now good friends over here at Fresh Image. We're telling people, oh, well, you can just go to the library. They're right across the street, and you can print out a copy of your image. Right. And so yeah, I still owe them like a fruit basket or something, because we've got about twenty cards off of them that day, brand new memberships from people who are like, yeah, I need to print my stuff. Wow, So this is the library. Okay, I didn't know this was here. What an unlikely partnership. The image tattoo stop in the library. Y'all need each other exactly. So you know, if if you need an image for your tattoo, come on by fifteen cents you can get a print out. But but I mean that's the thing that happens, you know, like especially like the beginning of the school year. You know, as people need documents and they'll be doing stuff for getting ready for school and everything. Inevitably you get into part of...

August late July, here comes like a constant stream of people over the course of a of a week or two they're all printing school stuff, you know, So that like you get weird runs that occur like that based on something that's going on somewhere, either either there's a sale going on down the street, or or it's time for school or what what have you. Sometimes you get strange kind of things where everybody needs the same thing or similar things. We also get the post Christmas uptick from everybody printing off their return labor Amazon. Also, if that happens, Wow, amazing, I didn't. I'll see all the things you can do with copying printing at your library. That's amazing. So we've talked a lot about So these are the five things we've talked about. Again, stay tuned for more, but these are the five that we picked for this specific episode. So we talked about it's free and you need your library card. Again to reiterate when you need your library car to access these things. How easy is it to get a library card? Stunningly easy. It is stunningly easy. Yes, if you did not see on social media, we posted a reel or in a video to kind of talk about it literally shows you step by step and I think goes less than forty seconds. I mean, we did speed some things up, but it's a pretty easy process. So what do I do you do you have to be a Roulet resident? What is the just kind of walk us through the general process. For the most part, you just need to live in Texas. You know, that's perfect, you know that's that's that is the kind of main thing as be Texas resident. What we're going to look for is a photo idea with the current Addressay, so it doesn't have to be a Roulet address, just Texas. But a Texas license doesn't have to be Rolet. It doesn't have to be Rolet. So a lot of people ID card or your passport, some combination of photo ID and a current DAD. It's a Costco card count too, because that has my photo on it. I'm sorry, dang, I know. Okay, So no, we do not take other libraries library cards either. We're only friendly to a point with our fellow libraries. Okay, there is a boundary there, there are limits. So and if you've just moved, we have options to okay, because that's I mean a lot of people moving into Texas, a lot of people moving into Roulette. That's the thing that's happening. So if you're coming here and you know, we do have people that are oh man, I just moved either from somewhere else in the state or from you know, out of state. I don't have my address updated yet, so if you've got your i D, just show us your photo ID and a current address. So you know, phone bill, water utility, phone bill would have been a thing years ago. No Horizon still building me, trust me, there's sales and a media trust me. But yeah, utility bill, lease agreement just something insurance if you've got it updated in your insurance whatever whatever that is, plus your photo idea. And if it's an out of state license and you've still but you've got the proof of of of Texas you know address, we can do that too. Cool. So I just handed to y'all at the front desk. You hand me there's an application or like a piece of paper of an agreement, short, little like half sheet. Right, you'll pick your pen, you'll write you're at you know, all your personal information if you're a minor, has all that info on it to you sign your hand it back. Just make sure that the name you put on the application is the same name you handed us as the I D. We do ask that perfect. And that's kind of a because you also mentioned like like you know, children or something like that. So they cut office seventeen. So if you're if you're under seventeen, were we are getting need a parent guardian, you know, to to you know, with both of you there to to do a library card for you once once you're seventeen, you know, then then all the Yeah, but that is a parent, that is a that is a question. We get a lot because well parents that will come in like during the day kids are in school. I go ahead and get a library card for for for my two kids. Are they here now they're in school, come back when they're out of school. That's we need to see the We need the people who are getting cards need to be in the building. That's the main thing. Good to now and so yeah, you'll sign the card, you get it, and then you're free to use it that moment right. Oh yes, Wow, there's no processing time and it's just your roll. You're immediately in our system. You know, we do we do have a first time checkout limitation of of five items. But as soon as as soon as that's done, then it goes to the max checkout, you know which max checkout with us is actually forty bucks, ten DVDs, cool fifty items, total. We let you did the mass on how you get there? Perfect, well, visit the library for that. There's is there... online application or do you have to be in person to do all this in person? So go visit the library downtown Lette. What is y'all's address. We are thirty Main Street, Suite two hundred, two hundred. You can't miss him there under the big village sign with Mark Twain sitting out front. Right, Look for Mark Twain. He's there. Okay, So it's super easy. So if you do not have your library card, I hope this inspired you to walk in and get yours. So you mentioned, Nancy that you are also in charge of a lot of the adult programming, So what I know there's more than adult program happening. But what are some things that are upcoming? We're in November now, which is crazy, and I know that y'all's programming will be changing and updating probably in January. Um, but what is some things that we can do upcoming? Well, we have several things coming up, as always were at least just check out the website dot com slash library got it, and of course you know Facebook as well, but we also print our monthly calendar that has all of our activities. It's a lovely little gridded format on the front for those of us who are picture minded, and then for our more linear friends, we have explanations on the back listing all of our activities at age. So coming up for on the we will be doing artisanal butter. What Yes, we're going to make our own butter butter? Are we going to be not quite but we are going to go from heavy cream to butter, and then you're going to spice it up however you like it. Oh who knew you can make butter up libraries, right, And so we'll do that at sixty one. And then for our teens, we actually are doing a book and movie talk. So for we change it up every month for all of our activities, so even our maker Mondays, which are the second Monday of the month, we change up the activities. Therefore, people who are fourteen and older, so even our teams can join us. Amazing, yep, we just we just asked that it be teams and adults simply because we do kind of get into a few more things like power tools and so probably not appropriate for toddlers, but our teens. Back to our teams. So we have our team takeover which will be happening on the Saturday, and we are doing Ready Player one and that's the nineteenth I believe perfect. Yes, so we'll watch Ready Player one. They can come by the library pick up a copy of the book beforehand, and then we'll have some discussions about the differences between the movie and the book and just kind of how does it relate in their lives as well. You know, we, like I said, we changed that up every month. And we also have adult Trivia coming up. Yes, so that will be on our fourth Monday. We started six thirty and this month we are doing Friends. Oh cool, this wow, what a perfect Okay, Friends lovers, come on out, because yes, there's a many of us out there. Come on down. That's your knowledge. We're like to stress what you know about Friends, the TV show or otherwise. Yes, we always leave it open um. The one with the library trivia, Yes, and we use Cahoo to play that. That's an app for your phone. If you don't have a phone, don't worry about it. We have iPads at the library that we can use for you. So everybody, we find a way for you to join in and it gets pretty heated, I'm sure so. And then we do give away a first price, so it's not just about bragging rights. There is actual prizes. There are actual price free prizes. And then of course I forgot to mention because it's already passed, but every first Wednesday of the month, we do have our Senior book Club, which you don't necessarily have to be a senior in order to join it. It's but it does happen at one o'clock in the day, which is a little easier for a lot of our seniors. Rights you're an entrepreneur and you can make your own time, that is true, and so they read a wide variety of books. Their list of books that they're doing for their book club is also on our website as well. Amazing, so just go to look at our little side tab and click on adults and you can find our book club. And then of course ongoing we have our g E D and E s L classes as well. Those are also free. Yes, now...

G E D does incur a few costs, but they are what we consider more pass through costs, so like the instruction book that we need and then the state exams themselves, but we are working on a few options for those because we are revamping that program, so we'll definitely have we'll have to do a whole podcast episode or mentioned that and more in depth because it's a great resource. But yes, yes, yeah, I haven't even talked about all the things we do with the kids family story time talking about the day of scratching the surface. It is absolutely scratching the surface. And then you also have food for fines this month. We do so for all of those who may have forgotten to turn their books in on time. We don't judge, just like, but why are you looking at me? But we are offering our food for fine so that if you bring in any non perishable food items, then for each one of those items, we will take one dollar off of your fine. So late fees. Unfortunately, that does not apply to any of like our costs that we incur from the work that Colton and Esmrela have to do damage control. Yeah yeah, so so any of our fees that are for replacement costs or handling repair costs, anything like that, it does not count towards unfortunately. Okay, So, and then to reiterate, y'all do have a printed program that you can get physically at the library. You'll also have a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to to get all things wrapped up. It's also all of y'all's events have a separate tab on the rallot dot com website that you can access, So I highly recommend doing all those things. Definitely subscribe to the newsletter. That's where I get all my infariation from from y'all because you'll have so much and was almost every day essentially you all something going on, and then also fallow y'all on social media, so y'all are both on Facebook and Instagram, so definitely check them out there. You know, it's I think it's at City of Roulette Public Library. We will have that link of course in the show notes, and that's also Roulette dot com. We can access that as well, but definitely look them up there. Is there anything? So what hours are y'all open? I think that's the last thing we want to touch on before we wrap this conversation up. We are open Monday through Thursday from nine thirty am until eight thirty pm, and then on Friday and Saturday we close a little bit earlier. We're open from nine thirty am until five thirty pm. Awesome, and we are closed on Sunday's Okay, good to know, So y'all are not affected by because a lot of city facilities have gone to four day work weeks. But y'all's hours have stayed the same perfect, So do not fret. They are still open the normal times you're used to. You're still full tilt boogie library hours. Kind of like we talked about today too, with like Coopola and Overdrive and a lot of them. That's kind of even scratching the surface on what we have digitally to other digital services and those things. Who is not going to shut down when we close the doors at night. That's that's something that we're while we're here for for those hours during the week. Those are those are going to run for you. So and even after we close, go ahead put any books you need on hold. As soon as our staff comes in, we run our reports, we pull them for you, and they're usually ready to go not long after we open. Wow, this was such a great robust I learned so much. I hope our listeners y'all learned so much. I hope you all. If you have never visited the public library, please go visit them. If you need some tech help, Colton's yes, and if you're an adult, hit up Nancy and she can help you with some resume a stuff. What you know, everything, y'all do everything. It is incredible, Like just thank you, thank you, thank you for serving our citizens so well. It means a lot to me that I know that if there's someone struggling out there with something that they can pretty much go to the library for it. It's incredible. It's an incredible resource that yard doc tax dollars pay for, so might as well use it or lose it anyway. So thank you for your time. Don't Yeah, I don't want to lose it at all. I don't want to lose it. So thank you, thank you, thank you both for your time, and thank you guys so much for listening to the Myrala Podcast. Make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform or check out the video version on our YouTube channel. And if you'd like to suggest a topic or person for us to interview, email us at podcast at roulette dot com. Make sure also to follow us on social media and we will see you here soon. Ralet have a great day in.

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