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Episode 15 · 2 weeks ago

My Rowlett - Holiday Events in Your Hometown


It’s officially the Holiday Season! The City of Rowlett has so many family fun opportunities to feel and be festive over the next several weeks.

In this episode of My Rowlett, Host Hannah Rabalais sits down with Pam Vierus, the City of Rowlett Parks & Recreation Special Events & Marketing Coordinator to talk about the holiday festivities that are coming up! Mark your calendars for the following:

12 Days of Christmas:

Day 1: November 28 Decorate Downtown

Day 2: November 29 from 5:30-8:30pm- DIY Holiday Ornaments @ The Village of Rowlett Downtown.

Day 3: November 30 from 6-9pm - Holiday Scavenger Hunt @ Pecan Grove Park. Hidden around Pecan Grove Park are letters to unscramble to find the hidden word! Once you have unscrambled the letters you will turn in your entry to the front desk at the Rowlett Community Centre and be entered to win a prize! All entries must be turned in by 9pm.

Day 4: December 1 from 7-9pm- Candy Cane Flashlight Hunt @ Community Park Base Ball Field. There is a $5.00 Registration Fee. To register, call the RCC front desk at (972) 412-6170.

Day 5: December 2 @ 7pm- Christmas Movie Night showing Home Alone @ The Village of Rowlett Downtown. There will be a food truck, free popcorn, and free hot chocolate!

Day 6: December 3 from 5-8pm- Main Street Fest & Holiday Parade @ The Village of Rowlett Downtown.. More info here:

Day 7: December 4- Letters to Santa at the Rowlett Community Centre. Drop off your letters to Santa in the North Pole Mailbox at the RCC until December 23.

Day 8: December 5 from 11:30am-12:30pm- Brunch with Santa @ The Village of Rowlett Downtown

Day 9: December 6 from 5:30pm-7:30pm- Decorate a Gingerbread House @ The Village of Rowlett Downtown. There is a $12 registration fee. Call the Rowlett Community Centre at (972) 412-6170 to register!

Day 10: December 7 from 8am-9pm- Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Head to the Rowlett Community Centre to take a photo at the photo booth.

Day 11: December 8 from 6pm-8pm- Reindeer Games(Cornhole Tournament) @ The Village of Rowlett Downtown. $5 registration fee.

Day 12: December 9 from 5pm-9pm- Parents Night Out @ Rowlett Community Centre. The registration fee is $15. Parents, this in the perfect opportunity to get your holiday shopping done without your little ones in tow. Games, crafts and more will be set up for hours of fun! Pizza, lemonade, and dessert will be provided. Children must be fully potty trained. Ages: 3-12 yrs.

Enjoy Holiday Lights!

Synchronized Lights in Downtown Rowlett:

The services for this will be set up for Saturday, December 3, and remain until December 31. The music can be heard outside walking around or from inside a car by listening to the radio station FM 89.1.

Windsor Way Christmas:

Synchronized Christmas Light Display at 1306 Windsor Way, Rowlett, Texas. Shows run nightly from 6pm-10pm.

More info here:

Neighborhood Planning Light Up Rowlett:

When you’re driving around Rowlett, let us know your favorite lights display. More info here:

Ways to give back this season:

Starting November 21 through December 25- The Rowlett Police Officers Association Annual Stop a Cop for Christmas Toy Drive. Wave down any officer out on patrol, and if they are not responding to a call, they will be happy to accept donations of toys and other gifts appropriate for children of all ages. New and unwrapped toys may also be dropped off 24 hours a day at the lobby of the Rowlett Police Station.

Friends of Rowlett Animals hosts a drive, more info will be available soon here:

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, Rowlett!

If you wish to suggest a topic, guest, or have a question- Please email Hannah Rabalais at or reach out online:

The holiday season is here outlet. Are you looking for ways to be festive? This episode of the Myrale podcast is dedicated to all the fun things you can do this season. I can't wait. This is my favorite time of year. I mean, who doesn't love holiday lights everywhere? And I love that our Parks and Recreation Department also helps make this season special with all their incredible family fun events. I am here today with Pam vieras our Parks and Wrecked special Events and marketing coordinator, and she's going to give us an inside scoop on what's coming up over the next several weeks. Welcome here, Thanks for having me. I'm so excited. I can't believe we're recording this episode already. I mean, it is Halloween, which I think it's funny. It's fine. We gotta work ahead these days, gotta work ahead, and you've got about to go on maternity league, so we had to fit this in. Yes, absolutely, we're excited. We always plan our holiday stuff ahead. We like people to mark their calendars because it's a busy season. You want to know ahead of time, like what's going on? Where can I take my kids to have a good time? Right exactly? What I want to kick us up. I actually want to hear what your favorite holiday event that we do here now that it is, Um, I think my favorite one, the my favorite, biggest one, I guess would be mainStreet Fest and Holiday Parade, which is gonna be on December three, Saturday, December three, and it's just it's a lot going on, but it's just such a wonderful time to see everybody just enjoying the lights downtown the holiday you know, the holiday parade of lights and yeah, so just I love the big events because it just makes me feel like people a lot of people can enjoy them. And then we also have our Twelve Days of Christmas, which are smaller activities for people to just get into the holiday spirit. So yeah, that would be my favorite as far as holidays go. So what if you've never been to the event, Like, how would you what is your elevator pitch? I guess why should I come to the holiday event? Lights? And what mainStreet Fest? And do I even remember that? Right?...

Um? So I would say you come to shop for holiday season? You can you can start shopping for the holiday season, enjoy some caroling and performing from the Dance Academy and then also just being able to take pictures with holiday lights, which I think all families like to kind of start taking pictures early, and of course just to enjoy the parade. So that's kind of what you can expect. There's a lot going on. There's also going to be food trucks for people to have dinner. Um, so it's pretty much just like all the things in one you know, one one area. How long is it like an all day affair? Like, how long is it's going to be a three hour thing? Yes? All that done in three hours? Five to eight guys, okay, perfect? The lights will be dark early. So what is the parade? Like? I know we were just chatting before this, but I would love to just kind of explain to people what the parade is. And actually you can enter afloat too if you want. Yes, absolutely, anybody can enter a float. If you have a you know, a family that you want to pair up with and do a float. You can a lot of organizations. Um, we actually have a group of people who are in like a sling Shot, which is a car club, and they're coming out. They actually reached out to us and they wanted to participate and it's going to be pretty cool. Um and you know, we might have like a jeep club coming and all the organizations like the parks board, um boards, organizations, businesses, anybody is welcome to come. We just as that they send us sort of like a little plan of what they have. We want to make sure everybody's like going all out putting lights in, music on their floats and everything. So yeah, it's a it's a fun thing and it's just awesome to just watch and people will be probably passing out candy canes potentially, and of course you know Santa is going to make an appearance. Sure, Santa y Santa always likes to come to our events and he'll be in the parade. And then he also just take... with the kids. So that's another thing that can draw people in. It's like, yeah, you get to take pictures with Santon. You know, can already have it ready for a holiday card because it's you know, so early in the holidays. That is so fun. Yeah, I love that it's on that Saturday, because yeah, everything gets so crazy Christmas. I'm like, no one has time to go to an event at that point, you know, not at all. And you said there so there's gonna be a market place there because they're similar to vendors. Yeah, there's gonna be craft vendors um that are themed holiday. So they're going to have holiday reaths and little you know things to hang on your tree, all the things. Yeah, it's pretty cool, you know, place to get your gifts, to get from local, some handmade. Absolutely, that's so perfect. Well, I love the Farmer's Market, so I'm gonna miss them, so you'll get another chance to have a little Farmer's market, a little sneak peak. Awesome. Yeah, well I'm super excited. So that is again Saturday, December three, from five to eight. Perfect. Okay, so that's your favorite. You also briefly mentioned the Twelve Days of Christmas. Yeah, so this is something that the Parks and Rec Department started a few years ago and it's just pretty much little activities um in the evenings to kind of get people to have something to do for the holidays and to bring their kids out. You know, you want to get ready, you want to do stuff, and so we have I have a list of all the things and I'll just mention a few of them. But um, we pretty much go from novembery eight all the way till December nine. And like I said, main Street Fest is kind of in the middle, kind of like the big you know, middle kick off whatever. And so we have some d i y holiday ornaments where people can come. And I don't know if y'all remember last year, but we had that big white tent downtown where we have all of our activities. We try to keep it outside with some heaters and we'll have the music playing and every the clock tower, yes, yeah, by the...

...clock tower, and so um, that's where we'll have most of our activities. Some are located at different locations, which we'll talk about that in a second. But um, we have holiday scavenger hunt, flashlights, candy cane which is something that we're doing that it's new and I'm really excited about. So we're gonna be um scattering um candy canes all around one of the baseball fields on Community Park and then you bring your like holiday pe days and we're going to shut down the lights and you just like find them with the flash and you collect as many as you can, kind of like Easter, but like Christmas style. I have never seen that before. That is such a fun out there. In my unicorn costume but all ages perfect. And then we are going to be doing letters to Santa this year as well. We'll have a mailbox at the RCC for kids to be able to mail their um Santa letters and put them in the mailbox to the Earth Pole. So how long is the mailbox only around that one day? It's gonna be from December four to December nine. Perfect, So it's going to start that day and people can just spring it and then we'll keep it as long as we can at the r CC. Yes, and that's a perfect time to end because you know Santa needs time also to say, he gets a lot of letters during that time. Hopefully I'm sure he'll read all of them. So that's perfect timing to how do you get them to the North Pole? Like does an elf come by? Yes, there's a special Yeah, we have an elf that's gonna stop by and then you know, fly off into the North Pole. Perfect. I love just in time, Just in time. Um. And then we have brunch with Santa, which Santa will be present um and he'll read some stories to the kids. Um. We'll cater some sort of lunch for everybody. That one's gonna be during the day, so um, we might not you know, if you have off that day, or you want to have a lunch with your kids and bring him over to the tent downtown, that's an oppert tunity for that. And then one of my...

...other favorites is decorating at ginger House Gingerbread House. That one was so fun last year just seeing the families, like working with their kids and getting them all ready and taking pictures and everything afterwards and taking them home too, So wow, it all is all of this free is their registration. So for some of our events, we um, we will have registration pre registration and then there will be a fee, and then for some there are free. So like I said, when we talk about when you can register and website and all that, we can tell you like which ones are free, which ones are pre registration perfect. But for example, like main Street Fest totally free. You know, movie we have our Christmas Movie Night, which is another one that one's totally free. And I heard there will be popcorn and hot chocolate, so that's pretty cool. That's a good combo action. I've never thought about those two yet. Your popcorn choate never done that, but I never not, but I kind of want to try it now. Um. But yeah, so we have a ray of things going on. We just like to get people excited and to have a good experience and memorable experiences with our staff and with themselves, and just opportunities to do stuff. I know, people are always looking to do stuff around the holidays, and so that's just kind of like a few of the things that are going on. Um. I also heard a rumor that Winter the ELpH is going to be showing up to some of these winter It's our elf on the shelf. He made an appearance a couple of times, and he loves visiting with the kids and he just kind of appears whenever he wants to. So keep an eye out for him. Oh my gosh, Okay, what does he look like? Is he Is he a traditional He's a traditional elf on the show. Yeah. So yeah, so if you want to, you know, if he appears at one of the events, you can take a picture of it and you know, taggles at parks and rec ralet parks and reck on Instagram and we can say, oh, there he is. There. Is there... a prize or is it just like good for you? I mean, maybe there there will be a price. I don't know that's a good idea, but right now we're just kind of hoping that he shows up and then we'll see what. We gotta wait and see because he's on a lot of shells right now, I know, or he's going to be on a lot of selves. Yes, but yeah, so that's kind of what we have going on, and um, it's a lot, but it's so fun and all. And I did want to mention our all of our parks and Rex stuff is involved in the Twelve Days of Christmas. Each like programmer has an activity that they're going to be putting on too. We're excited to be able to work together as a department to put all of these on. So it's not just me, guys, don't worry, it's not just me, you know. I just want to give you all a quick shout out because even you know, the holiday season, y'all doing a lot, but all year round, y'all are doing so much for our community and you just spread magic everywhere all year round and so just huge props, like y'all work so hard to put on these events and just thank you for all. Yes, a round of a loss for the Parks and wrecked team, like the cheerleaders of the city just do so much and I just appreciate it, and I absolutely don't. You know, just take a peek, you know, when an event has happened, which I can't imagine, like the Fourth of July event, like y'all running around. It's a six month situation, planning situation, like the fireworks of the fourth July. Um, No, they won't let me near the fireworks only starting the special people get to go back people. Yeah, but that would be fun. Maybe I can ask Aaron or if you're listening to you're listening Aaron, can I get out approval on that for next year? Aaron's the Parks and rec director. For those who don't know, Oh yes, I forget, Like who's who's airing? Amazing? Okay, so we've got twelve days of Christmas, We've got the Saturday event, the parade. UM. What is there anything else that you'll have going on during the holiday season that people can attend? Um? No, that's pretty...

...much it. Once, you know, once we end on December nine with our um which this is also a new one. I'll just plug it because it's the last one. It's Christmas shopping, Parents night out, and you pretty much can drop your kids off at the r c C and go Christmas shopping. You won't have to bring up It could just be like a pre shopping thing and they'll be activities for them to do and everything. So a great resource. Yeah, So if you if you're trying to get stuff done early and you're like, have the kids, you know, just drop them off at the r CEC on a Friday and go do shopping or whatever else do you want to do with your time? Hang out? You have to go holiday shopping? Is there like a capacity limit to how many kids you're going to Right now, we don't have a limit, but I'm sure our recreation coordinator would probably let us know that pretty soon. We're still kind of in the planning process. But for now, we have pretty good resources and she has a couple of staff members are going to help her. So I think maybe like fifty or so kids would be okay, But I don't I don't want to finalize that number yet. We'll see, right Well, I actually remember my mom doing that one year, and I thought it was so fun. You know, it's like this mysterious, like our parents just dropped us off at this really cool place, Like I had no idea what was going on. So you'all make it so fun all the time. So that's a great opportunity just to have some space. Maybe get yourself a Christmas gift, you a membership to the R right. Yes, wow, what a plug? What a plug? Drew? Thank you? Do y'all do need like holiday specials for membership? We need? Do We actually do wet as as weird as this sounds, guys, wet zone Okay, we do wet Zone pass us in the holidays, like yeah, like uh okay, I don't know the rights, but we do a discount for wet Zone during the holidays. Okay, We'll stay tuned, I'm saying, I'll be sharing on social media social media. Yes, and we also do our you see memberships...

...discounts at the holidays as well, so it could be a little present for yourself where for your kids? Yes, so cool. I love that. Well again, thank you so much, um, just for everything you do and putting all these together and just spreading the magic and all the all the holiday cheer that we get experience. So you know, we kind of briefly touched on this and we will definitely have all this information in this show notes. You know, rallid dot com is also a great resource. Um, but what is y'all's website? You know? Can you share what your social media handles are and maybe kind of what the registration process is for those events that need to be registered for or pre registered for. Yeah, for sure. So our website, if you want to just go straight to our our page is going to be rallid dot com slash parks and rec So pretty easy, pretty simple, and you have to click on the event page and then on the event page there's tabs that have all of our events and chronological orders. So the last one would almost be twelve Days of Christmas got And if you click on that, we'll have a list of all the activities and we'll have a registration link with those that you need to register for. So it takes you straight straight to our It's called web track, it's our registration system, and it'll take you straight there. It'll tell you how much it is when it is and you can do it online or you can also call our office at nine two for one to to register over the phone if you want to do it that way. But Like I said, we'll have more information on our website soon of the feast and everything. Right now, we do have the calendar up for so you can just kind of plan to see what activities you want to attend. But um, and then on social media, of course, we'll put the flyers out with all the information of when to register, the fee if it has a fee, and all of that good stuff. Gotch Is there a deadline to register your float for the parade? Um? Yes, check on rollot dot com. I'm like the dates. Um no, it's probably going to be a week before the event is when we're kind of caught everything all off and so we can make the layout so...

...we can kind of line up the floats as we and all of that stuff. So that's usually how we do it for the parade. It's just a week ahead. We want to get as many floats as we can, so and I know some people are not thinking about Christmas right now, but definitely it is also signed up but also sign up yes, oh yeah, okay, So are y'all I know y'all are on Facebook Instagram that's the only two social media, Yes, I'll are the ones that we're mostly on. Yes, perfect okay, so follow them there and we'll definitely again we'll link all that in the show notes, um, but definitely, like you'all post so much on Facebook, you'll always have something going on track y'all do. So it's like not just the holiday season, but throughout the whole year, like y'all are planning so much. Definitely have the best way to stay connected with us is social media. You know, people sometimes don't hear about certain things I'm like, but also the website. I know some people don't have social media, but it's just the best way to stay in touch with us is to follow us. So wonderful, Well, thank you so much for being a problem show. I'm so happy to have everyone to hear what you'll have going on. So please come to the parade if you're on in town, come to one of the twelve days or all the twelve days of Christmas, Um, come see the holiday lights and come get into the holiday, festive, festive cheer, experience, experience, spirit of Chris spirit right, so excited, and here is part two of the holiday episode. We are so grateful that Pan was able to come on before she gave birth and her baby, Elijah is our side now, So I'm so excited for her and her husband and just so grateful she was able to share all that she was. But we of course recorded earlier in this month, and so there's also so much more going on that we weren't able to touch on. So I have a couple additional things that I want to share with you on this episode. So first, one of my favorites, a fan favorite I've heard too is Parks and rerec is setting up synchronized light service in downtown Roulette starting on Saturday,...

December three, So if you're going to the holiday parade, definitely check it out and will remain in operation until December thirty one. The music can be heard outside, walking around, or from inside of your car by listening to the radio station f M eight nine point one. So exciting. I love it. And on the topic of synchronized lights, this is not a city sponsored, you know event, but something my family and I enjoy every year is the synchron nice Christmas light display at thirteen oh six wins Or Way, and y'all, if y'all have not seen this neighborhood, it is worth making the drive. There are several houses that participate, so grab some warm hot chocolate, get the kids in the car and visit this neighborhood. It is so much fun. And keep an eye out for amazing lights when you're driving around Rolett because our neighborhood Planning team hosts the Light Up Routlet competition where you can nominate your favorite lights of the season. We don't have much information on that yet, but visit ralet dot com or follow Neighborhood Planning on Facebook or and Stagram to see the upcoming information on that. So exciting. There's some really great light displays out there. And then, if you're looking for ways to give back this holiday season, the Rally Police Officers Association has probably started their annual Stop a Cop Christmas Toy Drive. Help the Rallot Police Officers Association give a less fortunate child a merry Christmas this year. Wave down any officer out on patrol if they're not responding to a call. Repeat if they are not responding to a call, and they will be happy to accept donations of toys and other gifts appropriate for children of all ages. New and a wrap toys may also be dropped off twenty four hours a day at the lobby of the Rallot Police Station. All toys and gifts donated, we'll go to Ralet organizations who families of children who have fallen on hard times or are less fortunate the others. So let's make sure every child has a wonderful season this year and their friends of the rallt Animals and the Rally Animal Services also conduct a drive to collect items that are sheltered guests need this season in I don't...

...have much details on that yet either, so follow them both on Facebook to make sure you don't miss that announcement either. Well that's all I have on my list. Thank you so much for tuning into this episode of the my Routlet podcast. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform, or you can also watch the my Ralet podcasts on our YouTube channel Ralett Texas Video. And if you have any questions or like to submit a topic, please email us at podcast at ralet dot com or tag us on social media using the my roulet hashtag Enjoy this season, Roulett.

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